So, how does one resume tape program help more than 200 television news reporters land their first job or get called for their first interview?  The answer is in how the program works.  In the television news industry, there is no replacement for experience.  That's the #1 reason why reporters get hired.  Even a weekend of in-the-field training puts you at a major advantage over someone who doesn't have experience.  

Best of all, news directors around the country know exactly the kind of experinece we provide at LARC.  That's why they hire our graduates first and most often!  Here's what you can expect in your one-on-one class:


  • Saturday Morning Class Starts at 10am

  • Meet in hotel lobby

  • Review story of the day

  • Drive to scene of the story

  • Shoot video, interviews, standups and write script

  • Shoot additional Standup

  • Return to Hotel


  • Sunday Morning

  • Shoot Entertainment or Sports Segment

  • 'What's Next' exit conversation

  • Class Over


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