The Sample

Greetings!  I hope you've had a chance to watch the sample reels on this page.  Like you, these reporters started with a dream.  Like you, they knew more than anything they wanted to report the news.


So they made a choice.  A choice that changed their lives forever.  You see, instead of dreaming about being a reporter, they produced a news reel at the Los Angeles Reporters Clinic.


Believe me, I know how some of you are feeling.  You'd report for free if you could afford it.  But there's no way in unless you have a stellar resume tape.  


That's where LARC comes in.  In our program, you'll go to various news events around Los Angeles, rubbing shoulders with some of the most respected journalists in the world!  


You'll learn the techniques that separate you from any other entry-level reporter without our training.  We'll teach you critical writing styles that capture a news director's attention.


When news directors see you've actually reported from the field - instead of making a phony reel you didn't actually do the work on - you have a huge advantage over your competitor.  


Follow your dream.












Sign Up: 1-800-883-8702

Tara Hicks

Marie Feagins